Sohail Ebady, Persian, M.D.  
    Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore University, India
                             Hypnotherapy : Indian Society of Applied Hypnosis, Bangalore
                             Yoga therapy:  Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Health Home, Bangalore.
                             Qualified, Naturopathy, Heibronn, Germany.

While practicing as a medical doctor in various hospitals, I encountered patients sickened by stress and negative programming in the Subconscious mind. These factors, I realized, are responsible for most of today’s health problems. Stress both triggers and aggravates various ailments.

In 1993, I dedicated myself to developing a therapy to address ailments at their roots, focusing on Hypnotherapy and Yoga therapy.  In the process of time, practice and experiences, I developed my own  technique of  Hypnotherapy.

My  technique of Hypnotherapy is safe and effective; the patient comes to a natural flow of regeneration  and  well-being.


In my  method of therapy, with my patients;

(a) I concentrate a lot on “ Positive Thinking”; So that it drops deep in their Subconscious mind. I believe one of the first side effects of chronic stress reactions is development of negative attitude.  And this negativity has its own negative effect in all the aspects of life; “ As You Think-So You Become

Therefore  day  by day the Positive attitude grows stronger and stronger and the negativity becomes weaker and gradually disappears (Transformation ). The individual develops a good image of himself, better self esteem and becomes more aware of his abilities and potential and becomes Motivated. This motivation is Very powerful in creating further positive changes towards Inner growth to become as one likes to be.

(b) At the same time I concentrate my patients becoming calm and relaxed in different situations; therefore preventing and removing the stress reactions which are very harmful to the body and mind. Those things which used to bother and irritate or worry them and unnecessarily occupy them for many hours of the day, wont any more. Even though they work many hours in the day, they perform their work much better and with a calm and relaxed mind. Therefore a tense, hypersensitive, easily irritated individual transforms  into a calm, relaxed and detached person who has Inner peace.

(c) At the same time I deprogram those unwanted programs in the Subconscious mind which comes up to the surface level (Conscious mind) according to the programming.

For example:

Many people react unwantedly (physically or emotionally) in particular situations. Some people in the morning as they wake up from sleep, they experience most terrible feelings. Unwanted Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviours and Habits. Inner conflicts take away the inner happiness completely. And etc.…these are all  programs in the  Subconscious mind which have been developed during different periods of life of the  individual and they repeat themselves in a Cyclical Pattern.

Therefore day by day these unwanted programs get deprogrammed, the knots and blockages open up one after the other the individual comes out of this Cyclical pattern and experiences inner peace and gradually comes  to a natural flow of regeneration and well-being

I have particularly good success with Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety neurosis, Burnout Syndrome and Eating  disorders.

Additionally, as a professional hypnotherapist I give training in my technique to doctors, nurses, psychologists and therapists all over the world.

I conduct self - hypnosis workshops for stress management and self-improvement. For those suffering from deeper problems, I provide further private treatments.

I speak  English, Persian, Hindi, German, Urdu.
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